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Sky Express is the fastest growing airline in Greece with 34 domestic destinations. We work passionately every day, we invest in organization, in our infrastructure, and our crew so that our company is the friendliest airline in Greece. The fleet is good looking ,comfortable, popular, with a reduced environmental footprint and a perfect fit for the geographical and climate standards of Greece. The airline has reduced its environmental footprint by 14.2% in comparison with its competition. 


  • Sky Express
  • GQ
  • Athens, Greece
  • 6x Airbus 320neo, 5x ATR 72-500 & 6x ATR 42-500
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Sky Express - always by your side so trips are precisely how one imagines them, easy, comfortable, fun and affordable!

Group rates  are offered from 10 passengers and more travelling in Economy Class. 34 destinations all over Greece are waiting for you next group to be explored. The List of destinations is ever-growing through international collaborations with global airlines such as Air France/KLM, Air Serbia, Qatar Airways and Cyprus Airways.

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Send your group on a journey with Sky Express being an airline which has already received numerous awards for reliability and punctuality.


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