Group Travel Booking made easy!

You have a group of people who want to manage to travel together?
AVIAGROUPS will help you to find the perfect travel experience with individual benefits!

Manage the travel for the team

Big teams have special needs for an exclusive travel experience. Talk to our travel experts and we manage your individual request!

Group travels for families

Organizing vacations for big families can be stressful.
AVIAGROUPS will manage the travel booking for you and provide individual flight offers.

Travel with friends to enjoy good food?

With AVIAGROUPS you can book individual group trips to many destinations around the world. We organize the group flights for you!

Group booking with benefits
Group Travel with AVIAGROUPS

AVIAGROUPS offers a seamless booking process for multiple industry partners with service-orientated products.
Please choose your preferred partner or tell us more about the travel wishes in general.
AVIAGROUPS will take care to provide you the best travel experience - you will enjoy!

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We are delivering beautiful travel products for you

Book from home

AVIAGRPOUPS offers an easy booking process for your group. You may request your group flights from anywhere around the globe. Our worldwide team of experts is happy to assist you.

Any Kind of Groups

No matter what kind of group you wish to request – The more information we receive about your group, the better. Did you know, that some airlines offer special conditions for sports groups or musicians?

Support Team

AVIAREPS operates 67 offices worldwide. Our experts will assist you with their knowhow and expertise. Once you submit your group request, the nearest located office in charge, will get in contact with you.

No Additional Intermediate

AVIAREPS is the official representative of various airlines in different markets. The company books your group directly within the airline’s reservations systems. Interface errors or delays in communication are minimized.

Group Booking with AVIAGROUPS
This is the promise


Quick Replies

AVIAREPS promises to do their best to assist you as soon as possible. Our experts around the globe will reply to you within 48 hours on average.


Individualized Offers

The more info we get about your group, the better. It’s the company’s aim to provide individualized offers to you and your group.


High Class Service

A high service standard is our key to success. Once you submitted your group offer, a case coordinator is assigned. The person in charge is your first point of contact.

Enjoy your travel with AVIAGROUPS
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How does it work?
Four steps to your group's individual travel experience
Find your airline

Choose from the airline list above. AVIAREPS is offering group travel with multiple airline partners.

Make your request

Fill in the webform and provide as many details about your group request as possible. The more information we have, the easier it is to offer, what you need.

It´s our turn

Once you submitted your group request, we will quote your group and provide a tailor-made offer via email.

Smooth & easy handling

AVIAREPS will take care of your group booking and ask you proactively for input once deadlines are coming closer.