Freedom of the African Sky

Airlink’s home is South Africa.
The airline has developed South Africa's first feeder network with the aim of linking smaller towns, the regional centers and hubs throughout South Africa with each other.

Today Airlink is the largest independent regional airline in southern Africa, connecting you to the widest network and choice of flights in Southern Africa and St Helena Island.

  • Airlink
  • 4Z
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • over 45 aircrafts
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Covid-19 Travel Advisory

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Airlink offers groups within its complete regional network within South Africa. The airline commits itself to a high punctuality and an excellent service for their guests onboard. Groups are very welcome.

With Airlink, your group may experience the ease of flying. Not only is the airline offering a wide network within South Africa – it also offers excellent service and a great punctuality.

The airline is committed to regional air transportation. Airlink provides seamless interline connections with its partner flights around the world.

Also, it offers a great group product with a minimum group size of 10 passengers. Request your group now and AVIAREPS is happy to offer you the best regional air connections within South Africa with Airlink.

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The airline is the perfect partner for group travel within South Africa.

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