Viva Air

Vuela Mas¡¡

Viva is the leading ultra low cost airline in the region, operating 45 domestic routes within Colombia and Peru, along with 13 international routes to the United States, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Brazil. In the 10 year history, Viva has transported more than 31 million passengers, and in 2021 they made Medellín their official HUB and connection center for all domestic and international operations. Viva is renowned for its proven biosecurity protocols, punctuality, and for having the second most modern fleet in all of Latin America, and the fourth most modern worldwide.

Covid-19 Travel Advisory

A320 VH
VH Mascot - Golden Retriever
VH Flight attendant

With 23 Airbus A320 aircraft, Viva continues its expansion, bringing aviation equity to every region where we fly, with the promise of always offering low fares.

All passengers must travel together in the same flight, route and date, the time of arrival at the airport to check-in passengers is three (3) hours before the departure of the flight, the names of the passengers with their respective identification number, must be sent between five (5) calendar days and 48 hours before the flight to the email .

VH Crew and A320

Viva Air is the airline that delivers a consistent and accessible service to our customers, promoting the low cost model in the region with sustainability and efficiency.

Guatapé, Colombia